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Believe in the Magic SVG & Reverse Canvas Tutorial

I have been seeing adorable dome candy holder projects all over the place! They are so cute! I watched a tutorial and even ordered the dome ornaments to make some cute Christmas candy projects this year. They arrived last month, and I realized I had way more dome ornaments than I would probably need, so I started thinking about what else I could use them for.

My love of snowmen was the first thing I thought of! The ornaments are round, and hey, snowmen are round! I can design a free snowman SVG! I got so excited I started crafting right away! When my idea actually worked, I got even more excited! I pranced around the house, showing my new reverse canvas snowman sign to my husband, so proud that I made it! He gave me the typical confused husband craft look. I’m sure you know the look, haha. But now, I can share this DIY Snowman sign project with all of you!!

Believe in the Magic SVG Free, DIY Snowman Sign, Free Snowman Face SVG, Dome Ornament

Free Snowman Face SVG

I love snowmen! They are the perfect decoration to leave out after all the Christmas decorations have been put away! I am always looking for ways to add them to my winter home decor. This week’s free snowman face SVG can be used on ornaments, signs, shirts, and more! I included a few bonus snowflakes in this week’s free design too!

What’s that font?

How to Make a Snowman Sign.

This snowman sign was so fun to make, and I think it will be the perfect addition to my holiday decorations!

See exactly how I created this cute snowman reverse canvas in my video tutorial, or keep scrolling if you prefer written step-by-step instructions.

What Do I Need to Make a Snowman Sign?

List of supplies I used to make my snowman sign.

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Step by Step instructions on how to make a Snowman Sign.

Preparing your Dome Ornament.

I recommend using the polycrylic and glitter technique on your ornament at least 24 hours before you assemble your project.

I pour my polycrylic into a bottle for easier pouring. Add enough so you can tilt your globe and have the sealer coat the inside of the ornament while turning it.

Turn your ornament until you reach full coverage, then turn it upside down to drain in a disposable cup or bowl. I let mine drain for about three minutes. You don’t want to add your glitter too soon, or it will clump with the sealer, but you also need your sealer to remain a bit wet so the glitter will stick.

Add the glitter.

Shake the glitter into your ornament as you turn it to get coverage all over. Once you have the look you like, turn it over, shake out the excess glitter and let it dry approx 24 hours. *Tip- Check it a few times to ensure the ornament is not sticking to the container you have it sitting on.

Bring your Free Snowman SVG into Design Space.

Cricut Design Space Tutorial

I use Cricut Design Space, but other cutting software follows the same general instructions. You can watch the video tutorial to see how to add your free SVG onto your canvas. Be sure to measure your canvas and create a template inside of your cutting software so you can be sure your vinyl will fit your sign.

Remove the canvas from the wood frame.

Use a craft knife to remove the canvas from the frame. You can remove the staples from the back if you choose.

Paint your canvas.

I used FolkArt French Blue acrylic paint to paint my canvas. Let it dry completely before applying your vinyl.

Paint your wood frame.

I used white acrylic paint to paint the wooden frame.

Weed your adhesive and heat transfer vinyl.

Be careful as you weed your vinyl. Go slow and watch that none of your vinyl lifts from the carrier sheets.

Assemble your snowman face.

I assembled the adhesive vinyl snowman face before I applied it to my ornament. Using a small piece of contact paper, I added the small dots of the eyes to the black part of the eyes. I use contact paper for this part because it’s not very sticky, and you have less chance of the bottom layer (the black eyes) of vinyl lifting as you apply the top layer (the dots). Once the eyes are ready, use transfer tape to pick up the carrot nose and place it on the face. Then I pick up the entire face and apply it over the cheeks. Use your scrapper tool to pick up the entire face to apply to the ornament.

Adding your snowman face to the round globe ornament.

Adding adhesive vinyl to a round ornament can be tricky. First, hold the transfer tape with the face on it, and cut slits all the way around the tape. Cutting the slits allows for more give in the transfer tape as you apply your vinyl. Start by applying the center of the nose and work your way out to the edges, moving slowly so you can ensure none of the vinyl creases.

Prepping your canvas for the heat transfer vinyl.

When applying heat transfer vinyl, also called iron on vinyl, you must prep your item first. A quick press will remove any moisture and help smooth any wrinkles. I used a Cricut EasyPress 2 and followed the heating directions from this heat guide.

After pressing the vinyl on the front of the canvas for 30 seconds, turn the canvas over and press from the back side for an additional 15 seconds.
*I used a teflon sheet to o cover my project because I painted it. I didn’t want to take a chance of any paint transferring onto the heat press or the mat.

Cut the chipboard backing.

Trace the size of the frame onto the chipboard. Then, cut out the piece you need for the back.
*The chipboard is optional. However, it helps to study your project so the canvas doesn’t sag. You could also use heavy cardboard or cardstock.

Cut off the excess canvas.

Line up your project inside your wooden frame to ensure it’s correctly centered. Use the wooden frame as a guide and trace around it. Cut off any excess canvas.

Adhesive spray.

Over a trash can or old box in a well-ventilated area, spray a light coat of adhesive onto the chipboard. Next, lay your canvas on top and run a brayer of the top of the canvas to help it stick to the chipboard.

Attaching the wooden frame to the canvas.

Attaching the wooden frame to your canvas can be done in a few different ways. You can use a staple gun if you prefer. I choose to use a glue gun. If you use a glue gun, be careful not to burn your fingers. I use a silicone finger protector. Also, watch not to use too much glue because it can seep into your project under the wood. I used a metal tool to push the glue back and remove any excess before it dried.

Adding the snowflakes and liquid glue.

Dip the end of a paintbrush into white paint to make the dotted snowflakes. Let your paint dry completely before proceeding. Once the paint is dry, add the liquid glue to the rim of the dome ornament. Go slow to ensure there are no drips. Use your finger to spread the glue if it puddles or begins to drip.

Glue on the bow and finish your snowman sign.

The bow I used came from Dollar Tree. I removed it from the package and cut off part of the metal tie. Push that part into the hole of the ornament that is supposed to be the hanger. Use hot glue to glue the bow to the canvas and the snowman.

You Made a Snowman Reverse Canvas Sign!

Now your snowman reverse canvas sign is complete! Add a hanger to the back, or leave it as is! I would love to see your finished projects! Please tag me on your social media pages, and be sure to show them off in our Facebook Group!

All of the Free Files on my website are for Personal and Commercial use. Check out my Terms of Use (TOU) here.

Dome Ornament Sign, Free Snowman SVG, Snowman Face SVG Free, Believe in the Magic SVG

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Make a cute Snowman Shirt!

This week’s free snowman SVG would be adorable on holiday shirts and pajamas!

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