How to Make Bookmarks with your Cricut


Cricut Print then Cut Bookmark Tutorial With 6 Free Designs!

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How to make bookmarks with Cricut, Free Bookmark SVG, Bookmark ideas

Can you use a Cricut to make bookmarks?

Yes, you can, and I’m going to show you how! My daughter has always loved to read. When she was little, she always had a book in her hand. The passion has continued through her adult years, and we hope her son picks up on her love of reading. That was my inspiration for this week’s free designs and Cricut tutorial.

How to make a bookmark with your Cricut

I will show you how to make bookmarks with a Cricut Explore Air 2. Any Cricut that uses the print-then-cut method will work for this tutorial. Unfortunately, the Cricut Joy does not have this feature.

You can see exactly how I made these bookmarks in my video tutorial or keep scrolling for written step-by-step instructions.

What’s that font?

Super Star- Franky
Soul/Spirit- Hello Baby Stephanie
Wildflower- Tippy Tappy Type
Just One/Chapter- Retro
Blast Off- Love Rocket
Book Lover- Retro Groovy

What do I need to make Bookmarks with my Cricut?

Here’s a supply list for all the products I used for this bookmark tutorial.

Cricut Explore Air 2
-Printer – I have an Epson EcoTank Inkjet Printer
Standard Grip Mat
White Cardstock
Thermal Laminator
Laminating Pouches– I used 2 sheets
Corner Cutter Tool
Star Shape Punch and/or other shapes-optional

Adhesive wheels for Cricut machine

While working on this tutorial, I realized that many of you may not know about the wheels you can add to the bottom of your Cricut machine. I LOVE these things! They are adhesive and very easy to apply. Find them here.

Cricut Bookmark Tutorial Step-by-Step Instructions.

Print then Cut Cricut Bookmark | DIY Cricut Bookmarks

Here are the steps you need to make beautiful, professional-looking bookmarks with your Cricut.

make bookmarks with your Cricut
  1. Locate the file on your computer.
Free Bookmark SVG
Free Bookmark PNG Files

2. Upload the free bookmark SVG files and add them to your canvas in Design Space. Then upload the free bookmark PNG files. The PNG files will need to be uploaded one at a time. Add all to your canvas.
I’ve included the 2 bookmarks SVG files to give you the ability to change the colors and personalize these two bookmarks.

Free Bookmark Designs in Design Space

3. Resize all of your bookmark designs. I made each of mine 6 inches tall. Be sure to use the flatten button to flatten the bookmark SVG files you added to your canvas. Click Make it.

print then cut in Design Space

4. Prepare to print each design.

Print then cut screen for your bookmarks
Bookmarks in Cricut Design Space

5. Turn off the bleed. Turn on Use System Dialog. Look for your system dialog box to pop up. Look for it behind your Cricut Design Space screen if it doesn’t show. Click on Preferences.

printer setting for printing bookmarks

6. Click on More Settings.

more settings on printer for high quality bookmarks

7. Slide the bar to the right where it says Quality. Click print. Repeat for the second set of bookmarks.

How to Laminate Your Bookmarks

Once your bookmarks have been printed, you will seal them inside laminating pouches using the thermal laminator.

how to laminate bookmarks
  1. Turn the laminating machine on to warm up.
how to laminate bookmarks
how to laminate bookmarks

2. Open the laminating pouch and lay your cardstock with the printed bookmarks inside. Close the pouch and feed the closed end into the laminator. I passed the pouch through the machine three times.

How to Cut Laminated Sheets with your Cricut.

Because your cardstock is sealed inside the laminated pouch, the Cricut will need more pressure to cut your project. I set the dial on my Explore Air 2 to custom, then set my base material to Heavy Cardstock and set my pressure to more.

Heavy Cardstock setting
add the laminated bookmarks to your cutting mat
  1. Add the laminated cardstock to your cutting mat. Be sure to line up the end of the cardstock edges to the mat and not the laminated area edge.
print then cut registration mark
Cricut registration mark

2. The Cricut reads registration marks to know where to cut your design. Sometimes the glare from your paper can interfere with this. You can close the top of your Cricut machine to help avoid glare.
Press C to begin your cut.

how to cut laminated cardstock with your Cricut

3. Your machine will make several passes over the cardstock to ensure your project is cut. When that’s done, before unloading the mat from your machine, lift a corner to ensure your bookmarks have been cut entirely from the laminated cardstock. If they do not release easily, you will need your machine to cut them again. DO NOT remove your mat. Instead, click the C on your machine to cut your cardstock again.

Finishing your Bookmarks

If you like rounded edges on your bookmarks, you can use a corner cutter tool to achieve this look. Also, if you want tassels on your bookmark, you can punch a hole in your finished projects and add one.

rounded corner tool for bookmarks
star punch hole for adding bookmark tassel

Slide the bookmark inside the corner cutter for a rounded corner. Punch a hole to add a tassel.

6 Free Bookmark Designs for your Cricut

See how easy it was to make bookmarks with your Cricut machine? I love how these turned out! Download your six free bookmark designs today to start creating bookmarks of your own!

Free Bookmark Designs for your Cricut
how to make bookmarks with your Cricut
Free Bookmark SVG, Blast Off SVG Free
Bookmark SVG Free for Cricut

All of the Free Files on my website are for Personal and Commercial use. Check out my Terms of Use (TOU) here.

DIY Bookmarks, How to make bookmarks with your Cricut, Free Bookmark svg

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Here’s where you can find your Free Bookmark Designs

This week’s freebie includes 2 Free Bookmark SVG files and 4 Free PNG Files. You will find both folders inside the zip folder once you download them from the freebie library.

Design #143-Bookmarks Bundle available in my freebie library. To get the password click the button below and join our freebie club!

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  1. I love these designs. Thank you so much for sharing them and your process.
    Do you have any trouble with the lamination lifting? I was always told you should cut things out first, then laminate and cut with a small border around.

  2. Hi. Your bookmarks are very nice. This is what I was looking for, laminating prior to cutting, but I was wondering if the seal is broken after it is cut?

    1. Hi, Bertina! Thanks for your comment! Are you referring to after the bookmarks are cut with the Cricut? I haven’t had an issue with the ones I have. I gave my daughter a few also and hers are holding up well too. I hope that answers your question! 😊

  3. Can you provide some guidance on creating a double-sided bookmark, especially when the two sides are different?