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Acrylic Keychain Tutorial and Free Summer SVG

The weather in Ohio has been absolutely beautiful this week! The warmer temperatures and sunshine have been such a welcome change after a long stretch of cold days. As someone who lives close to Lake Erie, I enjoyed spending my summer days at the beach growing up. That’s what inspired me to create this week’s free circle keychain SVG – “Life is better at the beach.” And to help you bring this design to life, I’ve also created a craft tutorial that shows you how to add adhesive vinyl to an acrylic keychain. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did creating it!

How to add Adhesive Vinyl to an Acrylic Keychain

I will show you exactly how to make this circle keychain! I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut the adhesive vinyl for this keychain tutorial.

Free Circle Keychain SVG, Life is Better at the Beach SVG free

Acrylic Keychain Tutorial

Acrylic keychain tutorial, free summer svg, how to add vinyl to keychains

See exactly how I made this keychain in my video tutorial, or keep scrolling if you prefer written step-by-step instructions.

What’s that font?

The font I used for this week’s free cut file is called Ask Why.

What do I need to make a Keychain with my Cricut?

Here’s the supply list for all the products I used for this acrylic keychain tutorial.

3 Inch Acrylic Blank I purchased my keychain blank from 3rd Degree Laser Blanks.
Here is a link to purchase them on Amazon.
Permanent Adhesive Vinyl
White and Black
-Outside of Sun: Old Gold
-Inside of Sun: Yellow
-(1)First Color: Starling Blue Skies
-(2) Second Color: Blue
-(3) Third Color: Sky Blue
-(4) Fourth Color: Robin Egg Blue
-(5) Fifth Color: Camel
Umbrella Stick: Brown
Umbrella: Light Red

Cricut Explore Air 2
Standard Grip Mat
Weeding ToolsPin Pen
Rubbing Alcohol-Pump Bottle
Lint-Free Cloth
Transfer Tape
Spray Bottle with Water & Liquid Dish Soap
Parchment Paper
Bead Reamer
Tools to Apply Keychain Hardware
Bent Nose Pliers & Small Needle Nose Pliers
Sunglasses Charm

Acrylic Keychain Tutorial Step-by-Step Instructions.

How To Apply Adhesive Vinyl to an Acrylic Keychain | DIY Keychain

This keychain is double-sided. There is adhesive vinyl applied to both sides.

upload SVG to Cricut Design Space
  1. Locate the file on your computer.

2. Upload your free keychain SVG and add it to your Cricut design space canvas. Your keychain SVG is sized for a 3-inch keychain.

remove hole from your keychain svg using the contour button in design space

3. Ungroup your SVG and select the top blue piece of the keychain design. Click on the contour button on the bottom right side of your design space screen.

4. Click on the hole. This will remove the sliced hole from your keychain design. I do not cut the hardware hole with my Cricut. I cut it with a bead reamer after my vinyl is applied to my keychain.

5. Add the numbers 1-5 to your canvas using the text tool. Align each number with one color and attach. This will help you to remember the order of the colors when applying your vinyl.

Moving Objects to Different Mats in Design Space

Cricut Design Space tutorial

6. Click on make it.

7. Move objects to one mat to speed up the vinyl-cutting process.

Keychain tutorial

8. I set my Cricut Explore Air 2 dial to custom and select the wax paper setting. This setting works best for my machine when cutting small pieces from adhesive vinyl for keychains.

Cutting Your Adhesive Vinyl.

9. After applying your adhesive vinyl to your cutting mat in the correct places, use a brayer to help adhere your vinyl. Load your mat and let your Cricut cut your vinyl.

adhesive vinyl

10. Remove your vinyl from your cutting mat by flipping your mat over and pulling the mat away from your vinyl.

Weeding your Adhesive Vinyl.

weeding adhesive vinyl

11. Weed your adhesive vinyl. Remember to go slow as you peel back your vinyl.

12. Remove the protective paper from your acrylic blank. Clean your blank with rubbing alcohol.

13. Arrange your adhesive vinyl. Apply transfer tape to the top color (1), and burnish with your squeegee.

Using the Wet Method to Apply Adhesive Vinyl.

14. Add water and a drop or two of liquid dish soap to a spray bottle. This will be for applying the adhesive vinyl using the wet method.

15. Spray a small amount of the soap/water mixture onto the acrylic blank. Move the mixture around with your finger and apply a small amount to the sticky part of the vinyl/transfer tape. Apply the vinyl to your blank and move it until you have it in the correct place. *Note- this part of the design is applied to the back side of your keychain blank.

16. Holding down the vinyl/transfer tape, push out all the water using your squeegee. Carefully pull back your transfer tape. You may need to apply pressure to your vinyl to help it adhere to your keychain blank while you remove your transfer tape.

applying adhesive vinyl to an acrylic keychain

17. Repeat this process until all the colors are applied.

Apply your Keychain SVG to the Front Side.

18. Turn your keychain over and apply the rest of your vinyl pieces.

keychain tutorial

19. When all of the vinyl is applied to your keychain, flip it over and find the hole. Press your finger over the hole to create an indent. Insert the bead reamer and use the file to “cut” out the hole.
*If you choose to seal your keychain, you would do that before proceeding to the next step.

Applying Keychain Hardware

how to apply keychain hardware

20. I use two tools to apply my keychain hardware: a pair of bent-nose pliers and small needle-nose pliers. These really help when attaching small parts to keychains.

21. Hold the jump ring in one set of your pliers and twist to open it. Insert the keychain hardware and twist the jump ring to close it. Add an optional charm following the same steps.

Free Circle Keychain SVG

That’s it! You made a keychain! Wasn’t that easy? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel confident to make more!

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  1. These are really cute and I’m going to make the lake keychain for my mother-in-law! Thank you for sharing. For the gradient back, may I suggest a shortcut? Cut the vinyl into strips the exact width needed, lay them onto the mat in order with the edges touching, and cut all five pieces into one circle at the same time. Then apply transfer tape and adhere the back piece in one go.