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Crafting Makes me Happy!

I have always wanted to create! When the internet exploded, and you were able to start searching for decorating ideas, DIY projects, and videos to help you achieve those looks, I was convinced I could do “all the things.”

It didn’t take long for me to have a few collections of “want to make” lists. I’d print them out, doodle on notepads, and pin them all over my Pinterest page!

My craft supply collection started to grow- so many different and exciting products to try! Paints, stains, glues, thread, nails, markers, patterns, wood, fabric….and on and on and on! Thank goodness for waterproof totes, haha. My basement was full!

…and then came my Cricut! OMGOODNESS, a whole new way to create, craft, design, and decorate! I was hooked! I started searching the internet for tutorials, groups, how-to blogs, really anything that would help me learn “all the things”‘ and make it so I could tackle learning this new machine and make beautiful products!

Below is a list of a few of the sites and a couple of my favorite products I’ve gathered over the years. I hope it helps you find something you love.

Personal Use vs. Commercial Use

Be aware of what you are downloading. If you are planning to make the item for yourself, or to give to your friends/family, then a Free design or font that says for Personal Use Only is fine to use. If you are planning to sell your finished item, you will need to find Free designs that say for Commercial Use- most designers have a cap on how many items can be produced from their designs, so be sure to look over the information they provide. If that information is not listed, I recommend you reach out to that designer. It’s much easier to reach out than to have all your hard work be reported and cause you to have a shop taken down or worse.

~Please, don’t steal! Designers work very hard to create their designs. It’s not fair to trace it or share a file you have purchased with someone else. Just think how you would feel after you complete a project, and someone walks by and steals it without paying. It’s the same feeling for designers. Support each other. It’s the right thing to do.

A Few of My Favorites Products

A Few of My Favorite Websites- Great Freebies and Great Quality files and fonts!

  • Design BundlesGreat website with lots of Free SVG files! The website is simple to use, with a great resource guide.
  • Font BundlesGreat website with lots of Free Fonts! This is my go-to site if I’m looking for fonts for commercial use!
  • Creative FabricaGreat website with Freebies! Sign up for their Daily Gift email and have Free commercial goodies in your inbox every day! Unlimited Access Membership details here!
  • DafontThis is a great site for Free Fonts. Just be aware most of these fonts are Free for Personal use only! Read the description on each.
  • Craft House SVGFreebies and Fantastic Bundle Prices! *Use the coupon code TRACYMRDC at checkout you save 10%!
  • So FontsyNew Freebies every Friday
  • Dreaming Tree-Amazing Paper Crafts with Tutorials and Free Files
  • LovesvgThey have Tons of Free Personal Use SVGs with the option to purchase a commercial license.
  • Special Heart Studio-Amazing Paper Craft Free Files and Tutorials!
  • Main Road Digital Creations Of course, I have to include MY website!🥰

Click here for access to over 6 million fonts, graphics, and digital resources. Download the first ten fonts and designs for free!
The commercial license is included.

Are you a font hoarder? I mean, a font lover? haha Do you wish you could see all the fonts you have installed on your computer at once? You can! Check out the video below! is amazing!!

*make sure after you download a font, you unzip the folder and then right-click and choose “install for all users,” or your fonts will not show up. works better for me on Google Chrome.

January 1, 2021
Important Update-

➡ If you have tried to use the website and it wasn’t working because of the flash player option that is now gone, you can open the site in Google Chrome and install the browser extension. You will see it on the top right of your screen after you go to the website. Install that, and the fonts that you have installed on your computer will all be displayed in Be sure you are using a browser that is supported!! GOOGLE CHROME works best for me!

Let’s talk about customer service.

I am a firm believer in being polite! *in every situation. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. I have said this for years and taught my children this way of thinking. Words matter!  I believe in saying thank you. I believe in telling someone I appreciate them (as I’m sure you have figured out by now if you are in my Facebook group). I don’t say these things just to say them. I say them because I genuinely mean them and because they matter. I know how customer service makes me feel (the good and the bad). I’m not saying it’s always easy. I’ve had customers (and keyboard warriors) that push my buttons and work my every nerve too. But how you react says more about you. 

  • You are your business. 
  • You are your reputation. 
  • You are the one that is making the impression. 

Think about how you feel when someone is an ass to you (excuse my language, but it’s the correct term sometimes, lol). Will you go back to them? Will you tell everyone you know about the crappy service you received? I’m pretty sure I know the answers to those questions.

How about when you receive good service? Even if it’s just a thank you or a little something extra that you didn’t have to do. A thank you card? A sticker, a handwritten note- anything that says thank you without saying thank you. Will you remember it? You want to be genuine. You want to make your customer remember you. You want them to think of you if they need something again. You want to be the one they recommend when someone asks about a service or a product you can provide. Ask yourself…did I make them feel important? Did I make them feel put off? Did I do what I could to ensure they felt like they were the most important person then?

Even if they are challenging or unreasonable, there are polite ways to say no thank you or let them know you aren’t the one that will fulfill their need. 

I know we all get busy, especially during the holidays. That time is coming, so prepare yourself. Get the little things ready now. Make your thank-you notes. Get your things ready so you don’t have to focus on them when you are knee-deep in orders. Or elbows deep in Christmas cookie dough, and the kids are yelling because they are bored, etc… Don’t overlook the small things you can do.
There are few things a customer will remember more than service. So, your product can be beautiful, but does that matter if they don’t come back? 
Of course, there are always limits. Of course, you will have what ifs and the nasty, no way you can please them, customers. I’m not naive; I’m just someone that believes in good customer service at a time when it doesn’t seem to be important anymore.
Give them a reason to smile. Give your customer a reason to remember your business.  
Be kind.

Four Simple Things You Can Do

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