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DIY Spring Crafts for Cricut, Silhouette, and More!

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Dollar Tree bunny no sew tutorial, Free Easter SVG, Spring Crafting

No Sew Dollar Tree Bunny & Free Easter SVG

This week was all about Easter crafting at my house! It’s been so long since I made something for myself, and I was determined this was the week to do it! I started off thinking I’d make an Easter banner out of cardstock and maybe a few Spring flowers. That was fine, but I started seeing pictures of adorable clusters of Easter and Spring-themed crafts displayed. I want one too! I’ve had a couple of the cute Dollar Tree Easter bunnies for a few weeks now and thought, well, now is the time they get to look fancy and added to my home decor!

What’s that font?

There’s only one font in this week’s free SVG! The font I used for the Easter banner is called Trillian.

How to make Spring Flowers and No-Sew Clothes for Dollar Tree Bunnies

These Spring projects were so fun to make, and I think they will be the perfect addition to my Easter decorations!

See exactly how I created the Spring Flowers, Easter Banner, and the No Sew clothes for the Dollar Tree Bunnies in my video tutorial, or keep scrolling if you prefer written step-by-step instructions.

Supplies for these Spring Crafts

-Dollar Tree Easter Bunny
-Material/Fabric of your choice
-Cardstock- I used what I had on hand. Most were from the Recollections brand.
-Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Cricut Easy Press Mini
Heat Press Mat
-Adhesive Vinyl- Matte Cream for the Easter Banner, Matte Pink for the Bunny Ears and Nose, and Matte Black for the Bunny Eyes.
-Contact Paper
Fabric Scissors
Foam Dots
-Glue- I used Art Glitter Glue
Squeegee– aka Burnishing Tool/Scraper

Make Easy Spring Flowers and an Easter Banner

Below you will see pictures taken from the video tutorial on how to make these adorable and very easy Spring projects!

Free Easter SVG, Spring Flower SVG, Cardstock Flower SVG

First, bring your project into Design Space. This design has two free cut folders inside your zipped folder. After you upload your designs, you will ungroup the individual elements. You can then attach all the like-colored stems to make it easier to cut and to help with placing the stems and flowers together when it’s time to assemble them. You can see my tablet in the photo below showing how the design looks, which will help with matching the flowers to the stems.

When adding adhesive vinyl to the cardstock, you don’t want to use transfer tape. The grip is too strong and will rip your cardstock. Instead, use contact paper!

You can glue your cardstock pieces together or use foam dots if you choose. In my finished project, I used both techniques.

I had a hard time removing the paper from the foam dots after they adhered to the stems. I used my weeding tool to help pull off the back piece from the foam dots.

I used glue on the back of the Easter banner pieces that had the vinyl on them. Be sure to line up the holes for the top and bottom pieces of the banner.

When using jute or twine, it can often fray, so I tied a knot at the end of the string to help it feed through the cardstock pieces easier. Pull the twine all the way through the first hole, making it long enough that you can hang your banner. I don’t cut my string until I’m completely done with my project.

Make Easy No-Sew Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Clothes

These Dollar Tree Bunnies are so cute! Adding clothes to them brought out the cutest personalities and helped bring this Spring project together. And Bonus, it was so easy!

First, let’s make the Bunny’s Dress!

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny with easy no-sew clothes, Free Easter SVG

I started with some scrap material. The piece I used for the dress is 15″ long by 5 1/2″ tall. Iron your material, I used the EasyPress mini, and it worked great! Fold the edges to make seams and glue the seams down with hot glue.

After you glue each seam, measure in approximately 8 1/2″ and cut that piece. One side will be the dress the other side you will use to make the straps for the dress.

Cut your straps to approximately 7″ x 1 -1 1/2″. This part is a personal preference. I made my straps skinnier after I cut down the first piece. The pocket for the dress, along with the baby bunny, was added after my projects were complete. Well, I thought they were complete! You know how the crafter’s brain works. Haha. I made the pocket from the material cut off the end of the tie. You can see the photo below in the tie tutorial. The baby bunny is cut from white cardstock and has vinyl applied the same way I applied the vinyl to the cardstock banner.

Time to make the Bunny’s Tie!

The fabric for the tie is approximately 10″ long by 3″ tall. Iron that smooth, and then fold up the seams, as you did for the dress, and iron them, so they stay.

Lay your material on your bunny to see how long you’d like the tie to be. I took a strip of fabric, again approximately 10″ long, and laid it over the ironed piece that will be the tie. Fold that piece and cut off the excess. *Don’t throw that excess piece away. That’s the piece you will use for the pocket!

Glue that top piece down while leaving that strip of fabric inside. That strip will be what you use to tie the tie around the neck of the bunny. Pinch the center and add glue. This part is difficult to explain. It’s much easier to watch the tutorial. I would suggest watching the video. You can start around the 35-minute mark for this part of the tie.

That little piece is what I used to create the pocket on the front of the dress. I glued the bottom to the dress and slipped in the bunny! I added a bit more glue to the pocket to make sure it was all secure!

There ya have it! Your easy Spring crafts are complete!

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Free Easter SVG

You can see in the picture above that I used a blackboard-style easel for my Easter Subway art decoration. I purchased it from Dollar Tree a few months ago. I love how it came out! You can make one too. Find the link to the Free Easter Subway Art SVG below!

Find this Free Easter Subway Art SVG Here!

Free Easter SVG, Free Easter Subway Art SVG

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Free Easter SVG, Dollar Tree Bunny No Sew Clothes, Spring Flower SVG, Easter Banner SVG free

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