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Capture Those Precious Tiny Handprints

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Tiny handprints quote, free SVG, Cricut tutorial

Hey there, crafty pals! Who’s ready to make something absolutely adorable? I’m excited to share this week’s free tiny hands SVG design and tutorial with you! This week’s free SVG is an adorable handprint quote: “These tiny hands have captured my heart forever.” It’s not just a cute quote—it’s a way to literally freeze those precious moments of little hands making their mark!

Add HTV to Canvas with This Free Tiny Handprint Quote SVG

tiny handprint quote SVG, Free SVG with Cricut Tutorial

Isn’t this just the cutest? I absolutely adored doing projects like this when my kids were little, and now I’m thrilled to recreate the magic for my daughter with her son’s tiny handprints. It’s such a precious keepsake! There’s something so special about capturing these moments—they grow up too fast, don’t they? Now, I’m here to help you whip up one of these heartwarming gifts for yourself. Grab your Cricut or Silhouette, some HTV, and let’s dive into making a keepsake that’s as fun to create as it is to give!

What’s that font?

The font I used for this week’s free SVG is called Love Quinn. If you are a Cricut Access member, you can find it in Design Space as part of your membership.

Sizing Tips for Your Tiny Hands Canvas

How to size your project for the free tiny handprints quote svg

Don’t worry about perfection when it comes to your little one’s handprints—this project is all about embracing the adorable chaos! In the video tutorial, I will show you exactly how to size your design to fit your canvas, no matter where those tiny handprints end up. Whether they’re centered, off to the side, or doing their own thing, this step-by-step guide will help you position the SVG perfectly. Just adjust the design to work around those precious little prints, and you’ll have a keepsake that’s uniquely yours!

What Do I Need to Craft with HTV on Canvas?

supplies for crafting with htv on canvas

Here’s everything I used in this week’s craft tutorial! I used acrylic paint and a foam brush for my grandson’s handprints.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Your Free Tiny Handprint Quote SVG

Tiny Handprint Quote SVG Free, Cricut Tutorial

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive right into how this adorable project comes to life. Join me in my latest YouTube tutorial—“Tiny Handprint Quote: Crafting with HTV on Canvas,”—where I’ll show you how to turn a simple Dollar Tree canvas into a precious keepsake. Grab your Cricut and some HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), and let’s get crafting!

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Tiny Handprint Quote SVG, tiny handprints SVG free, crafting with HTV, Cricut tutorial

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Here’s where you can find your Free SVG Download

Design #202—Tiny Hands SVG is available in my freebie library. To get the Password, click the button below and Join our Freebie Club!

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