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Cricut Design Space Tutorials

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Let’s learn a little something!

Are you ready to learn a little something with that new Cricut vinyl cutting machine? I use Cricut Design space in the videos below to create tutorials to help you learn some of the Design Space features.
First of all, breathe! Don’t let it intimidate you! Remember, all the beautiful projects you see on Pinterest, Facebook, and all the other places you visit, all those crafters started just like you ~ NEW and wanting to learn!

Below you will find some Cricut Design Space tutorials that I added to my Facebook group to help members get more comfortable with their machines. The best way to learn is to experiment and make mistakes. Please don’t get frustrated, don’t overthink it, and by all means, don’t forget to have fun! You will get better and better the more you use your machine. As you improve, you can look back and laugh at the mistakes you made, and trust me, you will make mistakes, and that’s ok!

Crafting is supposed to be fun! Whether you just want to make things for yourself, gifts for family and friends, or you are out to make a little extra spending money, or maybe someday you want to turn this into a full-time job, don’t forget to have fun and laugh along the way. If you don’t, you will slowly get burned out and start to hate the craft you eagerly set out to learn.

So let’s get to it! I hope these tutorials help you along your learning journey. Please let me know what else you’d like to learn; I’d love to help you love your machine and make beautiful things!

*I will continue to add the tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this page, pin it to Pinterest, and check back often!

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NEW- Using Text in Cricut Design Space

Crafters, get ready to enhance your Cricut skills! Dive into my quick tutorial, ‘Using Text in Cricut Design Space,’ where I’ll guide you through essential features for stunning designs. Perfect for holiday ornaments and personalized gifts, learn to curve text, ungroup letters, use offset, and refine your creations effortlessly.

Fonts used in this video: Pamella Script, Tippy Tappy, Alexia Bright, and Argyle Socks. Find the free penguin SVG here.

Using Digital Papers with Your SVG

Did you know you can upload a digital paper into Cricut Design Space and slice it from your SVG to make a beautiful printable design? This feature gives you so many options to customize your SVG files! Watch the short video tutorial to see how it’s done!

Cricut Design space tutorial Digital Papers

Cricut Design Space Video Tutorial-Using Digital Papers with your SVG

Find the Free Fall SVG- Life is Better with Pumpkins on the Porch here. The digital paper I used is from this bundle.

How to Add Font Glyphs to Your Text in Cricut Design Space

Slice Text from a Word in Cricut Design Space

This short video will teach you to add font glyphs to your text in Cricut Design Space. I will show you how to add glyphs to your text using Windows’s character map from your Microsoft store on your computer. Learn how to find your character map and add the pretty font extras to your text. Then, I will show you how to add an offset to your phrase and slice it from a word. Perfect for making a Mother’s Day gift! Perfect for a personalized gift for Mom!
Find the fonts I used linked below the video!

At the time of this recording, 4-14-22, these fonts were free from Creative Fabrica!

Cricut Design Space Tutorials

Using the slice feature in Design Space

Copy and Paste in Design Space!

You can find the Free SVG for the Cookie Plate in my blog post here. You can find a tutorial for the Snowman Badge Reel here. The SVG for the Snowman Badge Reel is available here in my Etsy Shop.

Use the pattern fill option and digital papers in Design Space

You can grab these plaid digital papers here. This is a free download for these papers at the time of this posting, January 4, 2021!

Contour Feature in Design Space

You can find the blog post for this Free SVG here.

Use the attach and ungroup features.

You can find the Free SVG for the Holiday SVG Bundle in my blog post here.

Use the attach feature to keep your words together when you go to “make it.”

You can find the Free SVG for the Christmas Subway Art in my blog post here.

How to make a Mockup in Design Space

Look for Free mock-up designs here: Free Designs

You can find the Free Feeling Kinda Leave me alone-ish SVG here!

Angel Wings Acrylic Keychain

This is a file I designed to fit the 3″ acrylic keychain from 3rd Degree Laser. You can find the keychain in their full-size keychain section. The file for my design can be found here in my Etsy shop.

❤The man in the picture is my dad. I lost him on August 21, 2020.
My heart definitely wasn’t ready.

Print then Cut Feature in Design Space with PNG file
-Adding a Picture

*Part one shows the file for the Angel Wings acrylic keychain file in Design Space

Print then Cut Feature in Design Space with SVG file-
Adding a Picture and Background

Watch the video tutorial above to see how to add images to your pattern fill!
*Part two shows the file for the Angel Wings acrylic keychain file in Design Space

Places to Check Out Files, Fonts, & Supplies.

Files & Fonts


Have you ever wondered how to cut all your different colors of vinyl on one mat? The video below shows how I arrange my mat in Design Space!

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Have you ever wanted to try a new mat for your cricut? I swear these mats are amazing! No prepping so they aren’t too sticky! Check them out! Seriously you will love them!

Click here for access to over 6 million fonts, graphics, and digital resources. Download the first ten fonts and designs for free!
The commercial license is included.