Lets talk about acrylic shapes-


Have you always wondered how to use acrylic shapes to make keychains? or badge reels? or pins…ornaments…tic tac toe boards…phone stands…the list goes on and on!

Patience is probably the first “tool” you will need! Practice will make it easier, and help you improve your speed, but definitely patience is needed when you first start your adventure in crafting with acrylic shapes. 

There are so many different looks you can use for acrylic shapes~ some people use vinyl, some use glitter, scrapbook paper, stickers, printable vinyl…there are as many choices as ideas when it comes to crafting, I think that’s why I love to craft!

Then comes the sealing of your decorated shape~ again, so many choices in this area as well. I began doing keychains decorated with vinyl and then sealed with epoxy.  Epoxy is a 2 part resin that has to be mixed and then applied to your acrylic shape-after it is applied it needs to cure for 24-48 hours. The finish is Beautiful! There is no comparison, in my opinion, to the look of a piece sealed in epoxy! The clear crisp look and smooth touch is outstanding! 

Another way to seal is UV resin and a UV lamp-this is my choice for badge reels because of the speed! The look is still beautiful, and you get the protection for your decorated acrylic, but you are able to produce your products much faster with UV resin and a UV light! This method can vary with time from 5 to 15  minutes, depending on your lamp wattage and decorative steps you use. *You can also use sunlight to cure your UV resin (which is also why you do NOT want to apply UV resin by a window- it will begin to cure before you have your piece sealed (yep, speaking from experience here!)

There are so many tips and tricks for applying vinyl to acrylic pieces, mainly because the shapes are much smaller than most things you’ve used adhesive vinyl for. 

In the upcoming weeks I plan to add my dos and don’ts, and list my hows and whys, from my experiences over the past several years. 

Vinyl settings, transfer tape, wet method, slicing, layering, printable vinyl, glitter techniques, alcohol inks, epoxy, UV resin…so much to talk about! Keychain cards, print then cut features, velcro for interchangeable reels, glue, sanding…Oh my goodness the list seems endless, but if you want the help I’m glad to share my experiences!


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