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Embrace the Joy: A Free SVG for Every Proud Grandma

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Happiness is SVG Free, Free Grandma SVG

As a mom to grown-up kids, spending a few days with my 17-month-old grandson reminded me of the lively chaos toddlers bring. It was a whirlwind of giggles and short naps, leaving little time for anything else, especially design work. Yet, this whirlwind inspired a deep gratitude for being called Grandma—a title that fills me with happiness. This feeling inspired this week’s free SVG, “Happiness is being called Grandma.” It’s a celebration of the joy these special titles bring, easily customizable for anyone who holds a cherished name in the heart of a little one.

Here’s a snapshot of the inspiration behind my latest design: making funny faces with my grandson, the little guy who reminds me every day of the joy of being called Grandma.

Easy Customization for Any Special Name

Cricut Design Space screen ungroup free SVG

This week’s free SVG celebrates more than just the grandmas out there; it’s for anyone who delights in being known by a special name. Its easy customization features make it perfect for celebrating any unique bond. Simply ungroup the design in Design Space and insert the name you like. It’s an ideal project for Cricut crafters and vinyl enthusiasts, offering a personalized touch to your creations.

Happiness is being called free svg

Bringing the Design to Life on a Shirt

I decided to bring this design to life on a white and pink raglan shirt using StripFlock HTV. It was supposed to be a tutorial moment, but I completely forgot to hit record! So, we’ll have a laugh about that and enjoy the creation without the behind-the-scenes this time. Haha, oh well! (Here’s proof that I actually made the shirt. Yep, that’s me!) Haha!

Happiness is being called Grandma

What’s that font?

Grandma SVG Free
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Happiness is Being Called Grandma Free SVG, Grandma SVG Free

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  1. Hi Tracy, I just became a grandma last year and saw your Happiness Is Being Called grandma, I love it wanted to put it on a shirt, but was wondering if I can change the word grandma for what I want my grandchild to call me. if so will it be the same font as it is on here, or will.i have to pick another font, which I am ok with doing that. Thank you. Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie! Congratulations! Yes,you can absolutely change the name. I left the design unattached so you can easily delete the “Grandma” and add in what you like. You can use the same font or find one you love.😊 Let me know if you have any questions. Happy crafting!